Debunking Myths – Curbing Your Carbs…Really!!??

How often do we hear people around saying, “I am on Low Carb – High Protein diet” or “I am having no carbs for dinner” or “Carbs are oh-so fattening ” or How often do we read articles that so categorically state that Carbs are what make us prone to central obesity, diabetes, etc.?

How convenient is it to blame the CARBS and forget to look at our lifestyle – I mean, the fact that we were so occupied killing time on our lounge chairs or sofas or office chair or on our car seat – we were so busy stressing out over issues that really did not matter or even spend sleepless nights partying & drinking or watching movies or religiously completing assignments at the ‘last minute’. Oh! But all this is okay!! All  we need to do is cut our carbs.. Avoid rice and then all will be well. And we will be magically thin. Did we find Cinderella’s fairy godmother? And if we haven’t then let’s face some facts!!


Let us start with considering the Chemistry of Carbs – what is a carbohydrate – when broken down to basics carbohydrates are a combination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. Now depending on how loosely or compactly they are tied together do they become simple carbs or complex carbs. And yes – our body needs both!

We find these simple carbs in all fruits and complex carbs in all grains including rice, dals/ pulses and lentils. These are natural foods. Now processed foods like cakes, biscuits, pizza, breads, ice creams, chocolates are also carbs, but these are not really complex because these are processed and refined (i.e.  The fibers from the grains have been completely peeled off and also have lots of added sugar). And yes, these are the carbs we need to restrict because they come with their share of the very popular trans-fats, sodium, preservatives, added colours and emulsifiers. They not only block, congest, clog and choke our arteries, they also raise our blood pressure, cause mood swings and YES, add to our girth – Central Obesity. So when indulging in such meals restrict to once a week and preferably before sunset, because that is when our digestive system is still in the ‘active mode’. ((I am so tempted to write about desserts here too, but I think I would leave that for another post & stick to my Carbs here!))

Did you know that our grains like rice, wheat, jowar, ragi, bajra, and the various dals and fruits we consume provide our body not just with energy-giving carbs [or calorie-giving carbs ;), hope you remember that calorie is nothing but unit of energy… Refer my last post on Calories] but also with essential fatty acids, amino acids, high fiber, water soluble B vitamins and loads of micro minerals like selenium, zinc, chromium and many other essential nutrients.

Are these not our doctor’s prescriptions for maintaining our youth and vitality… to improve our immunity… to help lower blood pressure? This in turn escalates peristalsis, improves fat burning and thus lead to a slimmer waist line and a definitely a healthier heart. Curbing your carbs diminishes your body’s ability to burn fat naturally. The key to success is MODERATION. Watch the quantity. Anything in excess is bad.

Debunking Myths – Counting n Cursing Calories!!

Oh! How we love Counting & Cursing our Calories! We also love to track how many calories we burnt on the treadmill! But – Do you know that even if you simply start that treadmill, and don’t even stand on it, the display will show 200 or 300 calories burnt after some time, out of nowhere!


And did you know that Calorie is not your enemy – it is just a unit of ENERGY! So instead of counting calories, try counting on your inner wisdom. Try listening to your body and your stomach.  Your body’s innate wisdom will guide you accurately to the foods you choose to eat each time and listening to your stomach and eating mindfully will help you eat the right quantity of food.

So STOP Counting n Cursing your calories and instead Bless, Love & Celebrate your Food!


Try this for just a week & see the Magic 🙂

Debunking Myths.. Weight Loss? or Fat Loss?

Most of us are obsessed with our appearance and our weight! But did you know that our body weight is just a number and NOT an indicator of our Health – Wellness – Fitness levels. It is our Body Fat Percentage that actually is the right indicator for these.

What is the point of weighing close to the “Ideal Body Weight” on the scale when our body fat levels have increased and lean body mass become poor? We have moved closer to “Possibility of a Heart Disease in the Future” too.


We all know that our bodies are made up of a lot of different kinds of tissues and definitely water. There are muscles, fat, bones, and various organs (these are again specialized tissues). The body fat percentage is just the percentage of our weight which is made up of fat. The part that isn’t fat is called our “lean body mass.”

So our goals should probably include being HEALTHY – FIT, and not just lose weight, rather focus on reducing the fat percentage.

Don’t You Think So!

Every other day we receive enlightening email chain letters telling how some foods are Oh-So-Bad!! & how some are the ‘God’ foods or ‘Miracle’ foods– a solution to every problem encountered by mankind! And then few days some study would prove it otherwise and then we would receive another batch of mailer – telling us the whys and the hows.

So where does this really lead us?

How about sticking to traditional or rather sensible eating than jumping to every new fad diet in the market? How about focusing on being healthy, feeling fit, fresh, well and lively? How about focusing on the nutritional value of food when counting calories too? How about just enjoying the meal which is in front us for a change instead of worrying about our weight or calories consumed?



Who Says Healthy Food Ain’t FUN!

Come on, be honest! What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of “HEALTHY FOOD”?

Raw or Boiled Vegetables?

Boring Salads n Soups??

Ill tasting, Distressing – Vegetable Juices?

No Dessert?

No Oil or Cream or CHEESE!!

I don’t really know what has led us to come to these ‘not-so-true’ Food associations! It has been a general misconception that Healthy Food is not Tasty or even the other way round that Tasty Food cannot be made Healthy!

Just by taking a closer look at our meals and by making teeny-tiny changes in the way we conceive and cook our meal – we could make it Tasty – Fun – Yum and yes, Healthy!