Who Says Healthy Food Ain’t FUN!

Come on, be honest! What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of “HEALTHY FOOD”?

Raw or Boiled Vegetables?

Boring Salads n Soups??

Ill tasting, Distressing – Vegetable Juices?

No Dessert?

No Oil or Cream or CHEESE!!

I don’t really know what has led us to come to these ‘not-so-true’ Food associations! It has been a general misconception that Healthy Food is not Tasty or even the other way round that Tasty Food cannot be made Healthy!

Just by taking a closer look at our meals and by making teeny-tiny changes in the way we conceive and cook our meal – we could make it Tasty – Fun – Yum and yes, Healthy!


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