Debunking Myths – Counting n Cursing Calories!!

Oh! How we love Counting & Cursing our Calories! We also love to track how many calories we burnt on the treadmill! But – Do you know that even if you simply start that treadmill, and don’t even stand on it, the display will show 200 or 300 calories burnt after some time, out of nowhere!


And did you know that Calorie is not your enemy – it is just a unit of ENERGY! So instead of counting calories, try counting on your inner wisdom. Try listening to your body and your stomach.  Your body’s innate wisdom will guide you accurately to the foods you choose to eat each time and listening to your stomach and eating mindfully will help you eat the right quantity of food.

So STOP Counting n Cursing your calories and instead Bless, Love & Celebrate your Food!


Try this for just a week & see the Magic 🙂

2 thoughts on “Debunking Myths – Counting n Cursing Calories!!

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