Preparing for exams I have missed blogging! Feels good to be back 🙂  & to write 😀

Going back to what I love 😉 , picking another myth I would love to talk about – FATS!!

So many of us feel that simply banishing Fats from our diets – we will achieve – ‘that perfect body’ or ‘that perfect weight’ we always dreamt of!

Fats actually play a very big role in our body. They come to our rescue during times of big Stress (physical and emotional!), during illness and when one is starving. Fats are our second in line energy source after carbohydrates. It is thanks to the fats that our human race has evolved in spite of prolonged starvation and famines when food was not easily available.

Let’s talk science of Fats – they are stored in the body in cells called adipocytes. Being energy dense they provide 9 kcal per gram as compared to carbs & proteins (4 kcal/gram)


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Function of Fats in our body –

i)                  Transport of Fat Soluble Vitamins – Vitamin A (for skin & eyes), Vitamin D(most popular now – for bones), Vitamin E (skin & anti-oxidant properties) & Vitamin K (blood clotting)

ii)                Maintaining Body temperature – fat acts an insulator and prevents loss of body heat – thus keeps us warm.

iii)             Shock Absorber – protects vital organs such as heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc

iv)             About 60% of brain is made up of fat – and thus helps it function smoothly

v)                They also form the protective sheath covering the nerves & thus help nerves transmit impulses to & from the brain & spinal cord

vi)             Its needed for normal growth of children in pregnant women & for milk production in mothers

vii)           They lubricate joints

So Fats are not just for maintaining good health, but for nourishment, growth and support of life itself.

So if you want a lean and toned body, a healthy active heart, smooth supple skin and glorious lustrous hair- make sure to make fat a part of at least your 3 main meals. And when I say fats – I don’t mean just the oils. To have the nuts, cheese or any other dairy product is also important as they contain essential oils.

Eating ADEQUATE amounts of fat (not less & not more) will actually guarantee proper functioning of body and in turn lead to optimum fat burning. Fats when eaten as a part of a complete meal ie in combination with carbs and proteins, reduce the glycemic index (ability of foods to raise blood sugar/ glucose)of food. So, they now work at gradually releasing glucose in the blood – which further leads to active fat burning, stable blood glucose, reduced hunger, HAPPY MOOD (instead of fluctuating Moods with fluctuating Glucose!!) and definitely Radiant Skin 🙂