When consulting people on their diets or for “fat loss”, they point or rather pull or pinch parts of their bodies and tell me – “Doc, this bulge or this tummy or these thighs or these hips, etc etc are my problem areas. Just do something to these. Do some magic! Give me a magic pill – make it miraculously in shape. Make me look like so n so or make me look like that model”

And when people do this – it makes me cringe. Body is the temple in which our soul resides.


Is this how we treat our temple and in turn our soul – our inner god/ goddess or the divinity that resides in each of us? What are we doing? Where are we headed? Are we turning into a generation where appearances make all the difference?

All our Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest shares are pictures or quotes asking us to “Love and Accept ourselves exactly the way we are” or “Be Happy in the Here and the Now”, then why are we not able to practice it in our lives. And when I asked this question to someone – she replied – “Doc, pakka promise I will love and adore myself and also be super-duper Happy – just let me lose some weight

So from this am I supposed to infer that – we as humans are not allowed to be happy or love ourselves in this moment – because something or the other is not right with our body or in our lives; because we don’t weigh right? Is our happiness conditional? Is our love conditional?

To this I have another question – most parents will be able to answer this. When a mother or a father looks at his or her own child – what do you see? Flaws or Love? When you can see love in your child, why not inside our own selves? Why is it so difficult to love and accept ourselves – in the here and the now? Why not respect and honour ourselves for where we are in our life today – for our journey – from where we were to where we are?

Think about it!

(So put your thinking-introspecting hats on this Sunday afternoon. Will be back with more on LOVING, ACCEPTING and HONOURING OURSELVES series)


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