Soulful Sunday

   Each Sunday take time out to be with yourself – could be as little as 15 minutes. Take time to look back at your previous week. Look back at your diet recall, your exercise, may even your week in general – how you were at work with your loved ones – see where you can do better, and then plan your coming week. Set GOALS. PLAN
Each time you Set a Goal & Plan and take necessary steps – you will keep getting better and when you look back you will realize how far you have come. So make most of these Soulful Sundays #SoulfulSunday #merakiwellbeing 

Make Time for What is Important 

     It’s not about “having” time. It’s about making time. Make time for what is really important. A healthy life is a lot more fun 💖#merakiwellbeing 

Take Loving Care of Your Body

Your Body is ALWAYS working for YOU. It NEVER Stops.
Why is it that YOU stop working for YOUR BODY?
Do yourself a Favor – Take care of your Body – Eat clean food, Drink lots of water, Exercise Regularly, Get enough Rest and Think Good thoughts! And then see how beautifully your Body responds back #merakiwellbeing


Make being Healthy and Fit – Your CHOICE

If you are not mentally ready to be fit and healthy, you won’t be able to make good decisions and stick your eating – exercising – lifestyle routine.
Remind yourself – that it is YOU in control and YOU can choose – no one can force you to eat right, live right and think right.

#mychoice #choices #merakiwellbeing  

Enjoy your Meal, if you want to ‘Lose’ your Weight

So often, in my practice I come across people, who are willing to give up foods they love or believe that “if I give in to my taste buds, I will stay fat forever. So its better I stay away from my favorite foods”. These are those who have been on and off diets all the time, and that’s because they couldn’t sustain their diet for long. And yet – they choose to follow the same and obviously results will be the same – weight loss (on the scale) when dieting and weight gain (as soon as they go back to normal eating)

We as humans are chemically wired to choose joy over pain or torture. So obviously when we are eating, we want to enjoy the food and in turn feel satisfied and happy. Scientifically when you relish your meal your metabolism goes up and you not only digest your food better but you also absorb maximum nutrients from your meal. In fact people who consciously eat foods that are “good for you,” even though you don’t like them, or if you think you can have a ‘cheat’ meal and compensate for it by eating bad-tasting vitamin-fortified protein bar, or some ‘tall-claimed’ foods or tea – to wash off the effect of the bad diet or purely choose these because you feel you will put on weight if you eat foods you like – then you aren’t doing yourself any ‘healthy’ favor. Instead not only are slowing down your metabolism, you are also reducing the quantity and quality of nutrients that you get from your food.

Haven’t you experienced that when you abstain from eating and enjoying your food, when you go out – you end up bingeing because you know you won’t be eating this again? Now ask yourself – if you could eat everything would you ever have to go on a bingeing spree?

Also haven’t you experienced that when you eat ill-tasting, ‘low-calorie’ food in the name of diet – you end up eating more and end up feeling stuffed but rarely satisfied?

Let’s talk about the science behind both these – the hormone that makes you feel good about your eating experience is the same one that stimulates your digestive system and also signals the brain to stop eating. Also when you are not enjoying your food brain secretes a neurotransmitter that increases your appetite and makes you hunt for food – and you end up feasting after a bit of starving. Then you get on to a guilt trip – again go starving or dieting and thus the cycle of starving and feasting goes on.

The simple act of eating good food – made at home – as simple as a dal chawal with little ghee – not only fills your tummy, it also satisfies your soul. You feel nourished. Your brain secretes the ‘happy’ hormone – thereby improving digestion, assimilation, nutrient absorption and in turn leads to a greater efficiency in ‘calorie burning’ 😀

Again this does not mean you eat anything and everything – mindlessly. I am just explaining that enjoying your meal is a must for your digestion. Cherish your food, celebrate your food and eat well in Moderation 🙂


Happy Eating!