Debunking Myths.. Weight Loss? or Fat Loss?

Most of us are obsessed with our appearance and our weight! But did you know that our body weight is just a number and NOT an indicator of our Health – Wellness – Fitness levels. It is our Body Fat Percentage that actually is the right indicator for these.

What is the point of weighing close to the “Ideal Body Weight” on the scale when our body fat levels have increased and lean body mass become poor? We have moved closer to “Possibility of a Heart Disease in the Future” too.


We all know that our bodies are made up of a lot of different kinds of tissues and definitely water. There are muscles, fat, bones, and various organs (these are again specialized tissues). The body fat percentage is just the percentage of our weight which is made up of fat. The part that isn’t fat is called our “lean body mass.”

So our goals should probably include being HEALTHY – FIT, and not just lose weight, rather focus on reducing the fat percentage.