Bigger muscles burn more calories than little ones

Exercise to increase your lean body weight. The more lean weight you have, the more efficient your body moves and the higher your metabolism, even at rest. By increasing your lean body weight, your bones become more dense and your muscles, tendons and ligaments become stronger. The great side effect of all this is that itโ€™s easier to avoid getting fat. Remember, bigger muscles burn more calories than little ones.

Dump your Weighing Scale

Muscle is Dense than Fat.. So the Scales are not always the Best way to measure Fat Loss #dumpyourscale #merakiwellbeing #SpectacularSaturday #khushboothakker  

Give yourself a Gift of Healthy and Awesome – Mind, Body, Soul

Strong Heart

Fit Body
Toned Muscles

Calm Nerves
Happy Soul
Big Smile
Want these?
Eat Right. Exercise. Sleep Enough.
Love Yourself ๐Ÿ’–

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