Non Scale Victories

Do any of these apply in your case? Or is there something else you noticed? Share your experience 🙂 #merakiwellbeing #SpectacularSaturday #khushboothakker


Roadmap to Success 

Success is the Sum of SMALL efforts, Repeated Day In & Day Out. So be at it. Make your plan, Stick to it. #merakiwellbeing #SpectacularSaturdays #khushboothakker  


Did You Give Yourself a Pat on Your Back Today?

Don’t Wait Until You Have Reached Your Goal to be Proud of Yourself. Be Proud of Every Step You Take Towards Reaching that Goal. Give yourself a pat on the back for the changes you have made. Celebrate your Success. #merakiwellbeing #SpectacularSaturdays #khushboothakker