Make Most Out of your Fun Meal

Sunday Motivation 

Time we changed the name from a Cheat Meal to a ‘FUN’ MealHow to make the most of the FUN Meal – 
1) No Guilt Tripping – Eat it, Relish it & MOVE ON! Guilt only makes you Fatter 😉

2) Don’t Starve All Day or Eat little before you have your FUN meal – as a compensation. Eat as per plan all day, and when its time for Fun meal – eat it as it is 


Soulful Sunday

   Each Sunday take time out to be with yourself – could be as little as 15 minutes. Take time to look back at your previous week. Look back at your diet recall, your exercise, may even your week in general – how you were at work with your loved ones – see where you can do better, and then plan your coming week. Set GOALS. PLAN
Each time you Set a Goal & Plan and take necessary steps – you will keep getting better and when you look back you will realize how far you have come. So make most of these Soulful Sundays #SoulfulSunday #merakiwellbeing